08 July 1997

Day 25 - Senaca, NE to Halsey, NE

Distance travelled: 33 miles
Winds: morning slight head; afternoon slight back
Grades: down
Weather: rain
Condition of roads: bad
Delays: Bicycles – 0/ Tires – 0/ Lunch –4h / Other – 2h
Actual travel time: 8h 20m
Rate per hour: 4 mph
- Lt. J.A. Moss Report to the Adjutant Synopsis of the Trip

Places mentioned: Halsey

"At 5 o’clock the next morning the corps broke camp and at the advice of a number of bystanders the railroad track was deserted and the road, following a small river, was taken, but it took only a mile to satisfy us that the railroad was better and accordingly the track was regained at once. About this time a rain commenced to fall and gladdened the hearts of the men, as it meant cooler weather and perhaps as much as making the sand rideable, but the latter was never realized. For 21 miles the corps plodded along in the rain, riding now and then when the cinder ballast was encountered. A short rest was taken at Halsey.
--- This isn’t broken up in the article but it must be in real life for the mileage to work out---

I believe this took place the next day....

From Halsey to Anselmo the track was only fair and very little riding could be done. Between these two stations Lieut. Moss joined the corps again, after his several days’ illness. From Alsemo [sic] to Broken Bow the roads constantly improved and were quite fair when the latter place was reached. Between the last two mentioned places the rain was chasing the corps very hard and was sprinkling on them all the while. At Broken Bow just as the men reached their shelter the storm broke in all its fury, thoroughly drenching a couple of men who were unable to reach the camp in tie. The Nebraska National Guard, under Capt. Painter, took the corps in charge on their arrival and quartered them in their barracks, where a gasoline stove was provided for cooking purposes and a quantity of hay for bedding. Saturday was a wet day, the roads were muddy, and the men were very wet and the machines needed overhauling, it was decided to stop over and take a day for general overhauling.”
- E.H. Boos, Daily Missoulian The Sand Abundant [Missoula, MT] July 31, 1897

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