16 June 1997

Day 3 - Avon, MT to Elliston, MT

Distance travelled: 9.4
Winds: Slight headwind
Grades: Slightly up
Weather: Rainy
Condition of roads: bad
Delays: Bicycles – 0/ Tires – 0/ Lunch –0/ Other – 0
Actual travel time: 2h 50m
Rate per hour: 3.3 mph
- Lt. J.A. Moss Report to the Adjutant Synopsis of the Trip

Places & times mentioned: Avon MT 10 AM; Elliston MT 1 PM

"The sight which presented itself before us on the third day was anything but a pleasant one. An inch of water covered the ground and not a road in sight. We started about 10 o’clock towards Elliston, taking the railroad track, walking now, and riding when the ballasting would permit. We followed the track for four and a half miles, having to get off twice for trains, one occasion being on very short notice. After leaving the track we took the country road and slewed and slipped in the mud for five miles, finally reaching Elliston at 1 o’clock, having ridden 10 miles in a solid rain; we were wet through and through and were bordering on the chills. As the storm showed no signs of abatement we concluded to stop here for the balance of the day and night, being sheltered in an old log house."
- E.H. Boos Daily Missoulian Wheeling South[Missoula, MT] July 3, 1897

“The corps are at Avon today and will proceed to Helena across the main range of the Rocky Mountains by the way of Elliston, Ontario and Rimini or else via Elliston, Blossburg, Bald Butte and Marysville; more likely the latter route."
[the Corps didn’t follow either of these routes]

--ARRIVE AT AVON—Avon, Mont, June 16—The Twenty fifth Infantry Bcycle corps under command of Lieutenant Moss arrived here last evening at 8:15 o’clock and went into camp. As this was a supply station in the line of march was not taken up until 10 o’clock this morning, fresh rations being taken on and other matters attended to. The men are all fresh and vigorous and in good spirits. ”
- E.H. Boos Daily Missoulian [Missoula, MT] Cross Blackfoot June 16, 1897

“On the night of June 14th [sic – this should be the 15th-16th] while in camp at Avon, Mont., it rained in torrents and the following morning it was still raining and threatening so that we waited in camp until 10.35, hoping the weather would clear up. The command then started out in a drizzle, and rolled our bicycles about 7 miles on the N.P. track, as the wagon road was almost impassable. At 1 P.M., muddy and drenched the Corps went into camp at Elliston, having traveled 9,2/5 [sic] miles.”
- Lt. Moss Report to the Adjutant General (pg. 4)

"The following morning dawned rainy and threatening, so we waited until 10:30 o’clock hoping the weather would clear up. The command then started out in a drizzling rain, rollowing our wheels about seven miles on the Northern Pacific track, as the wagon road was almost impassable. At 1 o’clock that afternoon, muddy and drenches the corps went into camp at Elliston, having traveled nine and one-half miles."
- Lt. Moss, Los Angeles Times The Army A-Wheel, Nov. 7, 1897

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