01 July 1997

Day 18 - Merino {Upton], WY to Clifton (near Newcastle), WY

Distance travelled: 51.6 miles
Winds: Head
Grades: Mostly down
Weather: Fair
Condition of roads: Fair
Delays: Bicycles –0/Tires – 0/Lunch – 4h/Other – 4h
Actual travel time: 8h 45m
Rate per hour: 6 mph
- Lt. J.A. Moss Report to the Adjutant Synopsis of the Trip

Places & times mentioned:
Merino [Upton] WY; Newcastle, WY [10 AM – 1 PM]; Newcastle salt lake; Clifton WY [camp 9 PM; south of Newcastle]

Lieutenant James A. Moss, of the 25th U.S. Infantry Bicycle Corpos, arrived in the city at 10:00 o'clock yesterday with a company of twenty of Uncle Sam's "fighters on wheels."
The party consists of Lieutenant Moss, Dr. J.M. Kennedy, twenty soldiers and their official reporter, E.H. Boos. They started from Missoula, Montana, two weeks ago last Monday and have traveled a distance of 782 miles, making an average of 50 miles a day. This is a good showing taking into consideration the fact that teh boys have had very bad weather, muddy roads and a head wind to contend with for thirteen of the eighteen days out. The trip from Missoula to St. Louis, Mo., is being made for the purpose of testing the practicability of the use of the bicycle in the U.S. army and also to test the durability of the "Spaulding" wheels, which they are riding.
- The Newcastle Demorat [Newcastle, WY] Friday, July 2, 1897

" J.M. Kennedy, physician of the U.S. Army, with the 25th Infantry bicycle corps, stopped at the Antlers Wednesday night.....E.H. Boos, official reporter of the 25th U.S. Infantry Bicycle Corps, arrived in the city Wednesday evening and is stopping at the Antlers."
- The Newcastle Demorat [Newcastle, WY] Friday, July 2, 1897

[The fact that Kennedy and Boos were in Newcastle on Wednesday night but the Corps didn't get there until Thursday morning, leads me to believe they rode ahead on a train]

“July 1st was an ideal riding day, roads were better and but slightly up hill. A run of thirty miles into Newcastle, Wyo., was made before 10 o’clock in the morning. At 1 o’clock we started to the Newcastle salt lake, where the entire corps had a two hours’ swim. Feeling much refreshed the trip was resumed. The run from the lake to Clifton was made by 9 o’clock, camp was made and all hands went in for a good rest.”
- E.H. Boos Daily Missoulian Nebraska is Reached[mislabeled Marching On] July 17, 1897

[This article was also published in the St. Louis Daily Globe Democrat, July 18, 1897. The head line for that paper was THE MILITARY BICYCLISTS.----- They Find a Hard Road to Travel in Wyoming.]

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