13 July 1997

Day 30 - Aurora, NE to Germantown (now called Garland), NE

Distance travelled: 66.5 miles
Winds: Slight head
Grades: Up and down
Weather: fair
Condition of roads: good
Delays: Bicycles – 0/Tires – 0/Lunch –3h 30m/Other – 2h 30m
Actual travel time: 8h
Rate per hour: 8.4 mph

- Lt. J.A. Moss Report to the Adjutant Synopsis of the Trip

Places & times mentioned: Seward [6 p.m.]; Germantown [before sundown]

"A small detachment of the 25th Inft. On their way from Missoula, Montana, to St. Louis passed through Seward last evening about 6 o’clock. The party numbered twenty-three and were traveling on bikes. They have only averaged fifty-two miles a day, the roads being so bad, but expect to do better."

- The Blue Valley Blade [Seward, NE] July 14, 1897

“Germantown was our next objective point and was reached before sundown on Wednesday evening [this doesn’t match up with everything else….must be a mistake], after traveling over good roads but over very hilly country. It is indeed a rarity to get a piece of level road for over a distance of two miles and we were much disappointed, as we expected to make hundred mile runs daily in these parts, but which is an impossibility on account of the number of steep grades.
At Germantown three days’ ration were drawn and camp for the night made...”
- E.H. Boos, Daily Missoulian The Sand Abundant [Missoula, MT] July 31, 1897

[today the town called Germantown is called Garland. The name was changed when the US entered World War I. Private Raymond Garland was the first person from Germantown to give his life in that war. He died of pneumonia enroute to France. -Wikipedia]

*I think Boos meant to say Germantown was reached on Tuesday evening.

Aurora to Germantown = 55.53 GoogleEarth miles

Bicycle Corps at Germantown – Germantown, July 14 – Before sundown last evening the Twenty-fifth United States infantry bicycle corps arrived. The corps has made the run from Ravenna, 132 miles, in two days. The roads were fair, with the exception of 20 miles of hilly country where bad roads and steep climbs were encountered. The total distance covered up to last night is 1,311 miles. “
- The Evening News, Lincoln NE, July 14, 1897

SOLDIERS IN TOWN – Experimenters With the Bicycle for the Army Reach Lincoln.
The detachment of bicycle soldiers from the Twenty-fifth infantry, who are making the trip from Ft. Missoula, Mont., to St. Louis to test the efficiency of the bicycle for making long trips successfully, arrived in Lincoln in Lincoln at 9:30 a.m. today. They camped at Germantown last night leaving there at 5:10 this morning. They were met at Germantown by Major Fechet, who accompanied them to the city. They will leave at 4:30 this afternoon for St. Joe. They left Fort Missoula on the 14th of June, and have had a pleasant time, although all admit to being pretty tired. The experiment has so far convinced the commandant, Lieut. Moss, that the bicycle has a future in the army. They are encamped on the capitol grounds. They carry with them tents, poles and other paraphernalia used by cavalrymen on march. There are representatives of Companies A, B, F and G of the Twenty-fifth infantry, Lieut. Moss being of Company G. The men carry extra tires and rims, and each man rides a different make of wheel.
-Evening News [Lincoln, NE], The Wednesday, July 14, 1897


Anonymous said...

It was nice to meet you earlier today on one of the Lincoln South bike trails. Your ride is nothing short of amazing....and we (my son and I) wish you well in continuation of your trip.
Len/Lane Rosenberry

Mike Higgins said...

Meeting you two was one of the highlights of my stay in Lincoln. Happy trails to the both of you!