30 June 1997

Day 17 - Moorcroft, WY to Upton, WY

Distance travelled: 22.5 miles
Winds: none
Grades: up
Weather: fair
Condition of roads: Very bad
Delays: Bicycles –0/Tires – 0/Lunch – 0/Other – 1h
Actual travel time: 4h 45m
Rate per hour: 4.7 mph
- Lt. J.A. Moss Report to the Adjutant Synopsis of the Trip

Places & times mentioned:
just before Moorcroft WY [4 AM]; Moorcroft [6 AM untli 2 PM]; Devil's Peak”/Devil's Tower; “Merino”/Upton WY

"Twenty-three colored soldiers passed through Moorcroft on bicycles one day last week enroute to St. Joseph, Missouri. They were from Fort Missoula, Mont., and are testing the wheels for army service."
- The Crook County Monitor [Sundance, WY] Wednesday, July 7, 1897

“Two hours or more after leaving Moorcroft we saw, about twenty miles to our left, Devil’s Peak, towering far above all else around. The peak itself, which resembles the frustrum of a cone, stands on a high mountain, and is almost solid rock. A few years ago some patriotic fellow drove a number of spikes in the side, and reaching the top, there planted the American flag. The story is told that a long, long time ago the devil used to sit on this high peak and survey the surroundings: hence its name.”
- Lt. Moss, Los Angeles Times The Army A-Wheel, Nov. 21, 1897

“I woke up about 4 o’clock and beheld about a mile off a small, red building—Moorcoft. My body had made no impression in the soft, muddy mountain side, and the shelter-tent was saturated with moisture. It took us almost an hour to travel this mile, through gumbo mud and water. The Corps laid over at Moorcroft until 2:15 that afternoon.”
- Lt. Moss, Report to the Adjutant General (pg. 6)

“The last day of June was marked for a short run; only twenty miles was made, the roads were poor and uphill. Camp was made at Merino and a good night’s sleep was taken.”
- E.H. Boos Daily Missoulian Nebraska is Reached[mislabeled Marching On] July 17, 1897

[This article was also published in the St. Louis Daily Globe Democrat, July 18, 1897. The head line for that paper was THE MILITARY BICYCLISTS.----- They Find a Hard Road to Travel in Wyoming.]

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