28 June 1997

Day 15 - Arno, WY to Arvada, WY

Distance travelled: 50 miles
Winds: Forenoon head; Afternoon back
Grades: Up and down
Weather: Forenoon fair; Slight rain afternoon
Condition of roads: Fair
Delays: Bicycles – 0/Tires – 0/Lunch –5h 15m/Other – 2h
Actual travel time: 6h 15m
Rate per hour: 8 mph
- Lt. J.A. Moss Report to the Adjutant Synopsis of the Trip

Places & times mentioned: Arno WY [sunrise]; Clear Creek; camp at Arvada WY [8 PM]; some distance past “Awado”/Arvada

“Sunday morning, June 27, the corps left Parkman, a small town three or four miles from the Montana line. The ride for ten or fifteen miles was, indeed, novel, as we bounded along the mountains so high that we were actually in the clouds and could see the mist below. Noon found us at Sheridan, thirty miles from Parkman. The journey for the next 200 miles, through northeastern Wyoming and southwestern South Dakota, was very dreary—the landscape was a monotonous series of hills, with now and then an alkali flat, while the water was abominable. Yet the dreariness of the country possessed a weird kind of fascination.”
- Lt. Moss, Los Angeles Times The Army A-Wheel, Nov. 21, 1897

“At sunrise on the 28th the corps was on the road. Fair roads were encountered until noon when we stopped for lunch. Crossing Clear creek, the roads became worse and slow progress was made over the hills. One of the men fell and turned his ankle causing him to fall out of the ranks and follow on foot. The few log cabins and station at Awado [sic – ARVADA] were in sight at 8 o’clock and a few minutes later camp was made. Rations were awaiting us here and were issued after supper. The distance covered that day was a little under the average, delays being caused by waiting for our sick man to catch up.
Before going to bed that night one of the men discovered a few graves and heard that rattlesnakes were near the camp; that settled it; no sleeping around there that night so it was decided to push on our way during the night.”
-E.H. Boos Daily Missoulian Nebraska is Reached, July 17, 1897

[This article was also published in the St. Louis Daily Globe Democrat, July 18, 1897. The head line for that paper was THE MILITARY BICYCLISTS.----- They Find a Hard Road to Travel in Wyoming.]

"Infantry Bicycle Corps Lieutenant Moss and his Twenty-fifth Infantry bicycle corps passed through Sheridan, Wyo., Sunday. The corps is making good time in spite of bad roads and bad weather. The corps passed out of Montana Saturday evening at 7 o’clock after a hard ride across the Crow Indian reservation. The roads from Sheridan are fair, but will be bad further on."
- The Gazette [Cedar Falls, Iowa]

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